My passion is working with ethical, sustainable companies and organisations.  I help you to communicate across borders.

I have extensive experience of Latin American Spanish, and particularly the following countries: Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. I also translate from French; my recent work has focused on Haiti and Mali.

> Commercial

I specialise in helping ethical businesses, ensuring you have the best English language text. This includes exporters of hand-crafted goods and natural, high quality food and drink products. My clients range from fair trade banana traders to micro-finance providers.

> Public Sector

I can help you conduct better research and analysis by providing clear English translation and summaries of policy documents, reports and social science academic journal articles. I also provide public service interpreting.

> International development

I have a particular interest in agriculture and rural development. I have worked with the following organisations: IFAD, International Land Coalition, SCIAF, Progressio and the UN World Food Programme. I also have experience in a range of other subject areas including human rights, climate change, conflict resolution, sanitation and disaster relief. I am a member of the South West International Development Network.

> Tourism

My initial in-house experience was for a Mexican translation agency specialising in tourism. Here I translated articles for the Tequila Express Magazine as well as materials published by Mexican state tourist boards. Today I focus on helping sustainable tourism businesses across Latin America to communicate successfully with their English-speaking guests and potential customers.