I interpret between Spanish and English for businesses and public sector organisations in and around Bristol. I am employed directly by Bristol City Council as an interpreter and abide by their code of practice and code of ethics, the key point of which are explained below.

> Confidentiality

Nothing which is said in the room will be repeated by the interpreter outside of the room. I will adhere to data protection regulations to store notes safely on computer or paper to ensure confidentiality. All private information and notes are deleted after receiving payment and satisfaction from service provider and client.

> Word-for-word accuracy

The dialogue will be interpreted word for word. Nothing will be added and nothing will be taken away. Everything that is spoken will be interpreted including conversations between service providers and conversations between service users.

> Impartiality

As an interpreter I will give equal attention to the service user and service provider. I willl be impartial and unbiased. I am is a neutral third party language conduit and has no role in the decisions taken by the service provider or client.

> Non-advocacy

I will not intervene in the interview unless clarifying any issue or misunderstanding. As an interpreter I will not offer advice.

> Punctuality

I will always arrive at least 10 minutes early to every assignment and in exceptional circumstances will telephone if any lateness is anticipated.

>Interruption only for clarification

Interpreters are obliged to seek clarification on words or phrases they do not understand. I may interrupt the interview if I feel the client does not understand concepts being explained. This may be due to lack of knowledge of British customs and practice rather than a language issue.