Tackling the Global Food Crisis

With a developing specialism within international development in food and agriculture, I decided to undertake a CPD course to consolidate and expand my knowledge in this field. I choose an online course from Queen’s University Belfast, because of its global scope – Tackling the Global Food Crisis: Sustainable Agrifood Systems.

The course covered the following topics: food insecurity and the rising tide of metabolic disease; applied genetics for fisheries management and aquaculture; parasitology; and animal welfare and took place over a four week period in early 2016.

imagesMy academic background is in humanities and social sciences and to date I have mainly focused on the socio-political side of food and agriculture issues. This course was significantly more scientific in nature and has given me a much more in-depth understanding of the scientific research being undertaken to address issues of sustainability of global food systems. I now feel better prepared for more technical, scientific texts with this areas of specialisation.

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